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I’ve been doing live visuals since 2004, when I started collaborating with post-rock band Detwiije, as a result, I was classed amongst the top 8 European vjs in 2008 at the London International Music Show. Since then, I’ve provided visuals alongside world-class artists at international events and festivals including the Big Chill, Shambala and Noisily. My sets use 100% self-made content, whether generative or rendered and a range of techniques, also “No Computer” experimental sets using hardware and composite video are also part of my arsenal.

My motion graphics and animation work has been commissioned by clients including the BBC, Nintendo and Coca-Cola. I have produced content for the Musion Holographic Projection System, designed multi-screen video installations and also performed in full-dome environments. I sell video loops and packs which you can purchase here and produce custom video content for touring artists and performers.

Currently, I hold a residency for Crux, I’m visuals director for A’mas and I’m one of the directors of VJ London.

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