Featured Works

Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder is an improvised audiovisual performance. All the audio is hardware generated with mostly analogue devices while the visuals are real-time generative compositions which are manipulated live.

It explores the interactions between audio and video cycles from a fractal perspective, striving to create a trance-like state in the viewer. Due to its improvisational nature, the performance is always tailored to the time and space making it site-specific. In its many iterations, it has ranged from beat-less melodic ambience to mid-tempo dancing grooves and from single screen visuals to 360-180 dome projections.

Eye of the Beholder was premiered at Shambala Festival 2019 and has been performed at events and exhibitions including Mars & Beyond which was featured in Forbes and Crux AV. During the lockdown it has and will be streamed live on my Facebook page and on third-party streaming events.


Polychromy is a light-art installation created in collaboration with Aphra Shemza.

It is a 156 x 156 cm sculptural, wall-based, installation piece, incorporating animated LED lighting. It was commissioned by Kallida festival in 2018 and has been exhibited at The Royal College of Art and the V&A’s Digital Design Weekend 2019.


From latin:
meditation, reflection, discussion, thought, reflexion

Process-based, projection mapping piece composed entirely from discarded materials and technology including projector and computer. Created for the Mars and Beyond exhibition at the Oxo Bargehouse in 2020, it questions our perceptions of what is considered to be rubbish while playing with the veracity of our senses. Enthymema is available for hire.

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