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Upcycled Trolley Chairs

The Transition
The Anne Knight Buildings,
Fenton Court, City Park West,
Chelmsford CM 1 1 LW

My range of upcycled trolley chairs are on display and for sale at The Transition. They are also available for hire and I’m happy to take custom orders. Contact me if you’d like to enquire about them.



Chromatouch Dome

I’ve been invited to do 360 VJ and AV sets at this year’s Shambala. I’m working hard on a whole new lot of generative visuals created entirely with Resolume.



New River Studios

I will be performing alongside the slate pipe banjo draggers for Skronkfest 2019. Expect improvised electronic weirdness and electrib Berimbau.

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Featured Projects


Zenoid – audiovisual groovebox

The Zenoid is a software-based audiovisual synthesiser and groovebox. Conceived as a live performance instrument, it is played from a custom MIDI console of which currently 2 versions exist. The Zenoid produces a synaesthetic flow of sound and video which I use for a range of performances both solo and in collaboration with other artists. Its versatile nature means that it can be used on screens of any resolution including full dome!



Upcycled Trolley Chairs

Polychromy is my first collaboration with media artist Aphra Shemza. It’s a 156 x 156 cm sculptural, wall-based, installation piece incorporating animated LED lighting. It was displayed at Kallida festival 2018 and it is available for hire for exhibitions and events. Its modular nature means that it can be arranged in different formations with different number of panels.

Upcycled Trolley Chairs

Upcycled Trolley Chairs

My whole range of upcycled supermarket trolley chairs is currently on display at The Transition, Chelmsford   where you can view and purchase them. Contact me if you’d like to commission, hire or purchase upcycled trolley furniture.