I’ve been passionate about all things creative since a very young age. I’ve always painted and made things and I had the fortune of having DJ as my first ever job after finishing school. I graduated in Scientific and Natural History Illustration in 1996, field in which I worked on a freelance basis for a short time.

Since then I have worked using a vast range of media . I completed an apprenticeship in the ancient crafts of Cordoban and Guadameci in 1997 after which I worked for Arte 2 on interior design projects incorporating the craft while also co-founding MIX, a Madrid based workshop and shop specialised in the upcycling of furniture and decorative objects, an endeavour that was way ahead of its time as the term “upcycling” wasn’t even in use then.

Watercolour of a European eagle owl circa 1993

MIX, Madrid circa 1996

I moved to London in 1999 and started working as a product designer for SKK Lighting developing kinetic lights and decorative lampshades using a variety of materials and techniques. I developed SKK’s first website using Flash, this in turn led me to start a career working for top marketing and advertising agencies throughout London. Since 2002 I’ve freelanced through my company MJB Studio in the fields of art direction, graphic design, animation, motion graphics, UI design and illustration. I’ve had the pleasure to work for multinational clients including Apple, Nintendo, BBC, Coca-Cola and Ford to name but a few.

I started Vjing in 2004 alongside the band Detwiije, this led to more VJ gigs and visual creation for world class artists and festivals inlcuding Above & Beyond, Astrix, Roisin Murphy, Infected Mushroom and Greg Wilson. I was classed amongst the top 8 European VJs in 2008 at the London International Music Show.

Soon after and as a natural progression from Vjing I developed an interest in audiovisual performance which I’ve been developing since 2010 when the show MAYA was created with producer Silverio Funk. It was premiered at the BFI Southbank as part of Dark Fibre and has since been performed at several venues in London and Rome. During this time I also developed a piece for the Musion holographic projection system which was screened at Kinetika Art Fair in London.

Interactive work was again a very natural progression which lead to the award winning Reonion installation at Burning Man in 2011. A team effort  involving artists, architects and builders from 3 countries featuring video-mapping, heart monitor sensors and generative music and visuals.

Throughout my career I’ve been involved in organising and promoting various music and arts events including Stylistik, Sound on Vision, The Nozzle and AV Depot while also being a director of VJ London, a community-focused monthly event dedicated to the diffusion of audiovisual and technology based artforms.

Light created for SKK lighting circa 1999