Project Description

Mariskao is an experimental audiovisual improvised performance in collaboration with the slate pipe banjo draggers, featuring the ‘one is more not four’ MIDI enabled custom one string bass and the Zenoid, Mowgli’s true audiovisual groovebox. Mariskao has been performed at arts festivals throughout Europe.

The ‘one is more not four’ bass played by Andy Rowe (the slate pipe banjo draggers) blurs the boundary between sculpture, interactive artwork and musical instrument. It stands on its own as an aesthetic item but also incorporates signi cant technology as a musical instrument to create, play and manipulate sound. Its use of electronics and computer compatibility make it a unique and unorthodox contemporary instrument that also pays tribute to the rich heritage of single stringed instruments that have developed throughout history around the world.

The Zenoid creates audio and video simultaneously from a single control surface. Although some sound-reaction is present on the video facet, it is not a visualisation of the audio but something that is generated in parallel through abstract synaesthetic correspondences between audio and visual parameters.

The performance is loosely improvised and comprises of samples, found sounds, synth, bass, percussion and vocal sounds which combine with and influence the generative visuals to form a whole which is always unique, surprising both the performers and the audience.