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I am a London-based multimedia artist and performer…

…Passionate about the fusion of art and technology, I exhibit and perform internationally. My work fuses experimentation and improvisation, often questioning perception and the nature of reality.

VJing & Motion Graphics



Music Performance

Upcycled Design

Current Projects

Installations and performances available for hire.
Upcycled design pieces available for sale.

Zenoid – audiovisual groovebox

The Zenoid is a software-based audiovisual synthesiser and groovebox. Conceived as a live performance instrument, it is played from a custom MIDI console of which currently 2 versions exist. The Zenoid produces a synaesthetic flow of sound and video which I use for a range of performances both solo and in collaboration with other artists. Its versatile nature means that it can be used on screens of any resolution including full dome!


Upcycled Trolley Chairs

Upcycled Trolley Chairs

My whole range of upcycled supermarket trolley chairs is currently on display at The Transition, Chelmsford   where you can view and purchase them. Contact me if you’d like to commission, hire or purchase upcycled trolley furniture.

Upcoming Dates


Art in Flux

Ugly Duck
47-49 Tanner Street, SE1 3PL London

I will be publicly presenting Zenoid³, my installation merging video mapping and generative visuals at Art In Flux where I will also be doing a Zenoid audiovisual performance.

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