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Classed amongst the top 8 European VJ’s at the London International Music Show in 2008, I perform for events big and small catering for a range of music styles using 100% self made generative and animation content.

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My award winning temporary and permanent installation work combines a mix of technologies including sound reaction, interactivity and video mapping.

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Audiovisual Performance

I perform solo and in collaboration with other artists at digital arts and music festivals, having premiered the show Maya at the BFI Southbank in 2008.

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Music Production & Performance

I perform solo and in collaboration with other artists, using a variety of devices. Self-made analogue synths, drum machines and other contraptions all form part of my sonic arsenal. I particularly enjoy improvisation and jamming as it creates a unique result tied to and influenced by the moment and space.

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Animation & Motion Graphics

I create animation and motion graphics work for a wide range of clients, from Nintendo to the BBC. I also create VJ loops for sale and for music tours amongst them Above & Beyond.

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Upcycled Design

Since opening the workshop MIX in Madrid in 1996 I’ve had an interest in what has become known as upcycling. Supermarket trolleys, pallets, drift wood, anything can have a new lease of life!


Below you can explore a selection of projects covering the range of my work.


Audiovisual Synthesiser

The Zenoid is a software based audiovisual synthesiser with a custom MIDI controller. It combines Ableton Live with Resolume Avenue in an intuitive manner which enables the creation of tightly synched music and animation.

It is a project in constant development which I use for a variety of purposes, straight vjing, audiovisual performance and the installation/performance piece Zenoid Cubed.

AV Depot

Audiovisual Performance & Digital Arts Festival

AV Depot is a festival started in 2015 and organised by  VJ London of which I am one the directors. The different editions have hosted more than 25 installations and numerous audiovisual performances from international artists. From virtual reality to chemical projections and from video mapping to interactive experiences, AV Depot is a true representation of the frontier between art and technology.


Audiovisual Performance

MAYA is an audiovisual performance created with Silveriofunk which blurs the boundaries between AV and live cinema, combining narrative, animation and music. It was premiered at the BFI Southbank in 2010 as part of Dark Fibre.


Permanent sound-reactive video installation

10 metre wide permanent video installation created for BEAT, London. It features a 3 projector set up being fed from a machine running Resolume Arena which was programmed with sound reactive self running video and generative content created with Quartz Composer .

Mowgli & the slate pipe banjo draggers

Music Performance

I perform regularly alongside the slate pipe banjo draggers (Andrew Rowe) with varying set ups comprising analogue and acoustic instruments. Our approach is experimental,  always improvising when playing live. We are currently in the process of producing some edited tracks.